The female characters are Indigo, Jade and Ebony. Indigo and Jade are cousins,
and Ebony is their childhood friend. The male characters are cousins Kyle, Keith
and Kendrick. The women are drop dead gorgeous and the men look like fantasies
come to life. The story is set in Dallas , TX with Kyle and Keith being members of the
Dallas police force and Kendrick being a former FBI agent turned youth counselor.
Indigo and Jade own their own computer consulting firm, and Ebony runs a youth center.

The story begins in a night club with Keith and Kyle boldly approaching Jade and Indigo,
while Kendrick takes a more subtle approach in reaching out to Ebony. Keith and
Jade are the ultimate flirts, and are the first to get the ball rolling as they flirt with each
other while several tables away from each other. Keith's flirting attracts the attention
of Kyle and Kendrick who notice the other two ladies at the table. Having gotten a little
hot under the collar from the flirting, Keith strolls over to the table to introduce himself to
Jade and tells her to save a dance for him. Jade introduces him to Indigo and Ebony.
Unfortunately Kyle's beeper goes off and he has to cut his night short, but not before
introducing himself to Indigo. Kendrick, afraid that he would look corny by going over to
the table to approach Ebony, merely leaves a note for her at the coat check before he
leaves the club.

Kendrick and Ebony meet at the same club the very next night. They discover that they have
common interests, and use that as an excuse to spend time together while trying to keep
the flames of desire in check. However, neither one of them is successful in keeping the
flames from burning out of control. Things between them heat up quickly, so they throw
caution to the wind and wind up causing each other third degree burns with the things they
do to each other and they both experience the best sex they have ever had in their lives.

Kyle believes that his cover is about to blown, and during a chance second meeting with Indigo
give her his badge and Id, and sure enough his cover is blown and he finds himself in the
hospital. Upon his release he needs a "baby sitter", and Indigo graciously agrees to
assume the role. He's at her home less than 24 hours before the sparks between them
turn into a raging inferno. Indigo's sexual experience in minimal, and Kyle does things
to her that she has never experienced before. However, his heat encourages her to try
things she's heard about from her cousin but never tried.

Keith gets so caught up in trying to capture the people that put his cousin the hospital that he is
unable to pursue Jade as he wishes. However, once the bad guys are behind bars, he
goes after Jade like a roaring forest fire, and she is more than ready to feel the heat of the
fire. They tease each other mercilessly until neither of them can stand it, and the controlled
burn of desire surrounding them quickly burns out of control. There are no sprinkle systems
or fire extinguishers powerful enough to put out the flames of their desire.

All three love affairs blaze out of control until all three men must go undercover to capture the top
brass of the ring of criminals that put Kyle in the hospital. They have a lot to make up for as
the case comes to a close, and the ladies happen to be present during their sting operation.
The men enter the restaurant that the ladies are eating at with three other women on their arms,
and then all hell breaks loose. Indigo believes that Kyle has been shot and killed since she was
there when it all took place.

Do these three love affairs become raging forest fires? Or the ashes of lost love?

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