Sylvia was groomed
                                                                      to be a Marine from

                                                                    Her parents, also Marines,
                                                                  are killed on a mission
                                                                          while she is just a
                                                                          teen and she
                                                                         becomes estranged
                                                                        from her brother,
                                                                        her only

                                                  She goes to live with a fellow Marine
                                              of her parents, and becomes even closer
                                            to her best friend Quintana and in the
                                          process falls in love with Quintana�s
                                          twin brother Qasean.

                                          It isn�t until they are on a mission together
                                          in the jungles of South America that either
                                          one is aware of how the other one feels.
                                                       They embark on a whirlwind romance
                                                       that ends in tragedy as
                                                          Qasean is killed
                                                           by a criminal
                                                              on the
                                                               night that
                                                             he proposes to Sylvia.

                                                           Sylvia spends the rest of her
                                                             days tracking down and
                                                           bringing to justice the man
                                                          that not only killed her fiancee
                                                        on that fateful night but also her brother and the
                                                    son of the man who raised her after parent�s
                                                  death, and track him down and she does so to the
                                                  detriment of her career as a Marine and her
                                                  personal life.

                                                However, the new man in charge has been
                                               keeping close tabs on her every movement,
                                               and has secretly fallen in love with the rogue
                                              Marine. He�s just waiting on the
                                             right opportunity to tell her how he feels.

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