They say Imitation
Is the greatest form of flattery
In my estimation
Itís more like assault and battery
Offsetting your limitations
With blood from my artery
But you should know your rendition
Is not vibrant, in fact itís quite watery
No Iím not hating
Just shedding light
Those that byte
For those with limited sight
Is not a write, itís a recite
Iím a creator
Better yet an innovator
Youíre just a duplicator
Better yet a perpetrator
Your actions are lecherous
Your portrayal is horrendous
And does not impress
So Iím here to repossess
All that youíve stolen from me
For I am in control of my destiny
And Iíve had enough of your parody
So now your reflection in the mirror reads vacancy
Leaving you in a state of depression
As you asked yourself the question
What is my lifeís mission
And all you got back was a blank expression
So let this serve as a lesson learned
You are destined to get burned
Taking something you havenít earned
This conversation is now adjourned

             -ReGina M. Crawford-Martin


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