Repeat Penetration

I inhale deeply
Your aroused scent
Penetrates my membranes
My flesh jumps
Is instantly lubricated
You inhale deeply
Picking up my aroused scent
Your flesh lengthens
My lashes lower
In anticipation
Of your kiss
The first contact
Of our skin
Makes us both moan
Too aroused
To take it slowly
You penetrate me
In one deep thrust
I eagerly receive you
Greedily consume you
You dive deeper
Grind harder
Quickly sending us
To the height
Of pure bliss
But the nights not over
As the wetness of my flesh
Hardens your flesh once again
And the slow grind begins
The slow wind sends
Us soaring above the clouds
Screaming each otherís names out loud
But this is not the end
Here we go again
Like a CD player stuck on repeat

-ReGina M. Crawford-Martin


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