Ode to Open Mics

Do have expiration dates
When that date arrives
And the opportunity
Is no longer available to you
Blame no one but yourself
While I am not a prisoner
To the days on the calendar
Or the hours on the clock
I am respectful of their place
In my life
And the world around me
So I take advantage
Of every opportunity
That crosses my path
And I know
When Iíve stayed on the path
Too long
It has been my pleasure
And my joy
To share my heart and soul
And my love of poetry
With everyone
Whoís crossed my path
But Iíve stayed on this path
Long enough
This opportunity
Is no longer viable
The days
Have fallen
Off the calendar
The hours
Have expired
On the clock
So I must make myself
Available to the next
Opportunity that crosses my path
While I will miss
The days and hours
We have spent together
I will have the memories
Of those days
And those hours
To keep me company
In the days and hours
To come
And Iím sure
That our paths shall cross again
On another day
At another time
When the opportunity is right
So this is not good-bye
But peace and blessings
Until the next opportunity
Causes our paths
To intersect once again
May you remember me
As fondly as I will remember you
Peace, Love, and Poetry

             -ReGina M. Crawford-Martin


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