It's Not Mine

It's your religion
Not mine
I'm not saying
I don't believe in God
Or some of the beliefs that you do
I'm just saying
I don't need it
Shouted in my face daily
Or shoved down my throat
For my problem lies
Not with the concept
Of religion
But with the way
Some humans practice it
They call upon their God
When their lives are in shambles
Yet conveniently forget He exists
When they feel they are living a charmed life
Some strut around in the finest clothing
And turn their noses up at those less fortunate
While shouting out the generosity of the 'Father'
Some drive by soup kitchens and shelters daily
Yet won't donate a can of soup
Let alone step inside
While proclaiming themselves shepherds
Well shepherds
If you are not caring for your flock
They will surely parish
You practice your faith
How you see fit
And I'll practice my faith
How I see fit
Yes I believe in a Higher Power
I just don't see the need
To smack those I meet
In the face with His name
Nor do I feel the need
To condemn those
Who don't follow
The man scribed words
Of the bible
And often find it funny
That those that shout Jesus' name
During the hours of 9 - 5
Collect skeletons
During the hours of 5 - midnight
To the point that
They have more skeletons
In their closet
Than a Bone Density Study Lab
So forgive me
If I don't subscribe
To your ideology
Of what having faith is
For while I may not know
What your faith is
I know what it's not
It's not mine

-ReGina M. Crawford-Martin


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