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It's December 31st, and you have resolved to be more organized in the upcoming year - Again! And you're looking for ways to be more successful this year than you have been in past years!

Well here are a few ways to help increase your productivity by helping you stay organized.

OH! By the way I'm and Android/Windows person, so if your devices start with an "i" or have an apple on them, you'll have to see if the apps I mention are compatible with your device.


I LOVE this App!

This App is available for download/installation on your phone, your tablet, and your laptop! So you never lose a thing! It doesn't matter if you're at an event, in your office, or on a plane, you can create a text note, a picture note, attach a file, chat with your colleagues, create a To Do List, or create a reminder in an instant. And as long as you have a data signal or access to WiFi, all you have to do is hit the Sync button and whatever you have entered in the App is instantly accessible by every device you have downloaded the application on.

You can create "Notebooks" in the App to help keep yourself organized!
So if you have multiple clients, you can create a separate notebook for each of them using their name in the title, and then create individual notes in each of those notebooks. You can email notes, meeting minutes, etc to anyone, and chat with those who are also registered to the App.

If you have a template you like to use for making notes during meetings, you can "pin" the template to the Shortcut link for easy access.

I find this application invaluable for helping me keep track of all the projects that I am involved in!

Google Calendar

If you have an Android device, then you have a Google account, then you have Google Calendar!

You're out at an event and a potential client wants to schedule a meeting with you and you need to know if you're free during the time that they suggest, well look at your Google calendar on your phone/tablet and instantly know if you're available and schedule the meeting. No having to call them later or wait for them to call you, and no potential of losing a client.

This application too syncs with any device you sign into with your Google ID, so you never miss an appointment!

Another cool feature on your mobile device is the ability to assign visual clues to the entries in your calendar, such as a soccer ball to remind you of your child's soccer game, or a school house to remind you of a meeting at your child's school, or a blow dryer to remind you that you have a salon appointment, or a bank building to remind you to handle a financial commitment, or briefcase for a client meeting, or a group to indicate a team meeting.

Again, I find this application to be invaluable!

SMS Backup

A lot of us communicate via Text Messages and our phones can fill up and force us to purge! BUT . . . . You don't want to purge messages between you and a client, you and your team, you and your employees!

Well if you install this App on your phone, your text messages will automatically (if this is the setting you choose) be backed up in a folder in your GMail account marked SMS! Never loose another text message, even if you get a new phone!

Pocket/Purse Planner

There will be times where you won't be able to access your phone or your battery has died, so always keep that planner handy! And with the pocket and purse size planner being of a size that makes it easy to carry with you, you have a way of recording information on the go when an electronic device isn't available.

One thing I do recommend is finding one that makes it fun to use, and that you will access on a regular basis so that you won't forget to retrieve what you wrote down in it.

I have posted some links below to some fun versions of pocket/purse planners that will make you look at them daily (or at least weekly) to see what fun/crazy/interesting words/pictures are contained on the pages within!
I'm a shoe lover, so I have a purse planner that features different shoes every week so I know I'm going to open it at least once a week to see the new shoes for that week! This helps me review any notes that I may have written on the pages.

Below you will find links to the Apps that I talk about above, along with the links to the fun-filled pocket/purse planners!

Now Get Organized!

Google Calendar
SMS BackUp
Checkbook Planner
Suzy Toronto Planner
Another Suzy Toronto Planner
Shoe Planner
Car Planner


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