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The Art of Face-To-Face Networking

You've been networking online, but haven't been achieving the results you were hoping to achieve. So now you want to venture out and speak to people face-to-face, but you always feel awkward in those type of settings.

So how do you make yourself at ease speaking with people face-to-face?

Create a "30 Second Elevator Speech" for your opening volley!

What is that?
It generally takes an elevator 30 seconds or less to go from one floor to another after the doors close and for the doors to reopen, so what you say in that amount of time needs to engage the person you're speaking with and make them want to hear more. Thus the "30 Second Elevator Speech"!

Beginning with a short "conversation" can help you get over your initial nervousness while capturing the attention of the audience you have before you. It also let's you know if the person you are speaking to is even remotely interested in what you've just said, so that you don't waste time talking with people who will never become clients/customers/investors.

The information you provided during your speech should lead your audience into asking you questions which keeps the conversation flowing, and you should have already anticipated those questions have answers and business cards at the ready.

Yes! Business Cards are still great tools for follow ups! So get some printed!

Examples of a 30 Second Elevator Speech
G Styl Productions Inc is a multi-faceted company with 5 divisions whose sole purpose is to help Entrepreneurs in particular Artpreneurs establish/polish their business image handling everything from business plans to printing and promotions to web presence to publishing.

I am a spoken word artist who transports you into an sensually erotic fantasy land with my erotic verses coupled with my sensual voice performing on stages from Cleveland to Columbus to Detroit and beyond since 2003. You can follow me at and subscribe to my YouTube channel at

I am an Author and Publisher who has self-published 4 crime suspense novels which are available on and from me personally. I also assisted other authors with editing, formatting, and publishing their work through my division True Meditations of the Heart.

Follow Up Questions that could be asked based on each of the speeches above
What is an Artpreneur?
What do you mean by multi-faceted?

What is spoken word?
Define sensually erotic?

What are the titles of your books?
Why did you decide to self-publish?

How do you find face-to-face networking events?
There is a social media site, (link below), where you can find various groups in a variety of genres who meet face-to-face. You can search by city, by interest, and see when their next in person meeting will take place.

Stop by a few of them to see how they handle their meetings, who attends, and how welcoming the group is to new members. If you feel like you would fit in, then join the group and become an active participant in their meetings.

There are also Facebook Groups that encourage face-to-face meetings, locally, regionally, and nationally. Again you can search by interest and city.

What now?

Write more than one speech.
Practice them in front of the mirror.
Multiple times.
Use direct eye contact with yourself so that you get use to looking those you're speaking to in the eye.
The speech that seems easiest to say is the speech you begin with, but don't throw the others out. As you get more and more comfortable speaking in public, you may want to switch to one of the others that were hard for you in the beginning.
Happy Networking!

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