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Get Fit, Can You Afford It?

It's that time of year when everyone is evaluating their life and deciding that they need to get fit, but do you need to go broke getting fit? Are you mentally and physically able to follow any of the Get Fit programs on the market?

Most of us have no idea!

But there are so many different "fitness" programs and "healthy eating" programs, and they aren't cheap! Especially if you plan to stay with then for any length of time.

Here are a few of the programs that are currently on the market:


Fit Team

It Works

Fit Tea

310 Nutrition/310 Shake

And just how effective are these programs?

And how long do you have to stick with them in order for them to be effective?

And are you willing to commit the time required to achieve the results you wish?

And what do you do after you reach your goals?

Stay with the program in maintenance mode (is that such a thing)?

Leave the program (and then do what to maintain what you have already achieved)?

Before deciding on a program, you first have to decide what it is you hope to achieve:

Lose Weight

Eat Healthy

Eat Vegan (Plant Based Foods)

How many meals are you will to give up? For how long?

How will your change in eating habits effective your family (husband/boyfriend, wife/girlfriend, children)?

Do you have any medical issues that you take medication for that could be impacted by the programs or change in eating habits?

Do you need to incorporate any physical activity into these programs to maximize their effectiveness?

Do you have physical limitations that will limit the amount of physical activity you can engage in?

Diets are only effective when you're dieting!

The moment you go back to your "regular" eating habits, your body goes back to it's regular size!

So Getting Fit only works if you're willing to make a
Lifestyle Change . . . For Life!

The only thing that I have tried is the It Works Wraps, along with a workout routine that had me in the gym 3 - 4 days a week, and some eating habit changes.

I had to take into consideration that I have a metal implant in my right thigh that goes through my knee that limits my range of motion, and sometimes limits any motion. I also have a host of other "prior injuries/aliments" that limit my mobility, and I also had an 8 year old who needed to eat. Also keep in mind that the It Works Wraps are best applied by someone other than yourself, and if you don't have someone available to do it . . . Well lest just say they are not the easiest things to apply.

I said all that to say that I am not an expert in any of the programs mentioned above nor am I in the best physical shape, but U just wanted t address this issue as this is the time of year that everyone is looking for that one thing that will help them get into that "perfect swimsuit" come summer. And wanted you to think long and hard about yourself and your goals before you decided which program you were going to embark on before you spent your money, as too many people that I know are truly disappointed come June when they don't have the body they want after spending hundreds of dollars on this program or that program without having thought the whole thing through first.

Planning is pertinent in every aspect of our lives. There is always an Action and a Reaction. A Cause and Effect!

So before you make a choice on which program you are going to participate in, think about the following:

Physical Limitations
Medication Reactions
Family Impact
What goal(s) you wish to achieve
Is any physical activity required for the program to be effective
Length of time you need to invest for the program to be effective
The cost of the program over that length of time
And what you plan to do to maintain the results achieved (if you decide to stop the program)

Also keep in mind, muscle only reacts to activity, so "melting fat" and ridding your body of toxins will only do so much without EXERCISE!

Fit Team
It Works
Fit Tea
310 Nuritrion


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