It was a one night stand, or so they thought.
However, once your soul has been surrendered to
another person, your heart and body have no choice
in the matter as they follow along blindly. Zamora
and Marquise discover this the hard way, and boy
is there going to be hell to pay for both of them.

They have a chance meeting on the side of a remote
highway in Georgia just as Zamora Richardson is
returning home to Atlanta from her Nana�s funeral
feeling quite vulnerable since her Nana was the last
of her family. Her mother and father were only
children and they had both died in freak accident two
years ago while on vacation in Africa, so Zamora is
left all alone and feeling vulnerable. Marquise is
determined to catch the woman who out ran him on the
highway a week before in effort not to receive the
speeding ticket she so rightly deserved, however, he
wasn�t expecting her to be a stunningly beautiful woman
or for her to breakdown in a fit of tears once he catches her.

One afternoon of passion haunts them both for over two years,
and then they come face to face during an FBI sting operation
in Africa of all places. Each is surprised to see each other,
but pretend as though they don�t know one another in front of
the other agents. Once alone, the passion that has been haunting
them blazes to temperatures higher than the daytime temps of the
desert they are traipsing through.

However, despite passion�s pull, Zamora and Marquise must remain
focused on their mission as Zamora suddenly becomes the target of
an assassination plot. In the course of their investigation, they
discover that Zamora has family ties to Africa and may not be
returning to America. Marquise vows that he will walk away from
Zamora when the case if over. Zamora vows that she will hold on
to the man who has claimed her Heart, Body, and Soul. How can
they both win in this age old battle of love versus duty?

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