The main characters are Quentin McNair and Quintana Richardson, who meet as a result
of Quentin�s sister�s wedding. Quentin is the younger brother of Indigo McNair whom
you met in Triple Threat, and is an FBI agent who has been sent to Dallas on an undercover
assignment to break-up an illegal arms smuggling ring. Quintana is a caterer and restaurant
owner who will be catering Indigo and Kyle�s wedding, and she is the sister of a military officer
who was killed trying to break-up the same arms smuggling ring that Quentin is after.

The story begins with Quentin getting a first look at Quintana as she is discussing the menu with
Indigo at Indigo�s home. He is instantly drawn to the unknown woman sitting on his sister�s
couch, and she is just as drawn to him. Once Quentin finds out that a dinner has been
planned at Quintana�s restaurant he invites himself along, and once there receives an invitation
from Quintana to meet her at the restaurant after it closes. Never having been a patient man,
Quentin invades her kitchen after his sister and the rest of his family leave the restaurant.
Quintana lets him stay, and even takes him up on his invitation to let him pamper her for the rest
of the night.

The relationship quickly heats up from there, however, the coals become quickly cooled by the wind
storm that is Sylvia Williams. Sylvia is an ex-military officer who happened to be engaged to
Quintana�s twin brother, and is one of Ana�s (as Sylvia calls her) closest friends. Sylvia takes an
instant dislike to Quentin, and he becomes instantly suspicious of her which makes for some
interesting confrontations. A tug-of-war breaks out between Quentin and Sylvia for Quintana�s
loyalty which causes her to pull back from both her best friend and the man she has fallen in love

Quentin�s assignment develops more twists and turns than he expected with him finding out that there
is a traitor in his camp; Sylvia trying to expose him so that he doesn�t interfere with her quest to
find her fianc�e�s killer, and a criminal mastermind slipperier than an eel covered in slim. Then
there�s Quintana, the only woman he can say that he has ever truly loved who wasn�t a member
of his family. Although he doesn�t want her involved, her family tie to one of the killed operatives
and her close friendship with a rogue agent make it nearly impossible for her not to be caught in
the middle.

How does Quentin keep up his cover, watch his back, and close this case without losing the woman
that he loves?

How does Quintana maintain her loyalty to her best friend, remain loyal to her man, and not become a
pawn in the game of war and peace that they are both players in?

Does love conquer all? Or will crime truly be their downfall?

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